How many participants to a group?
Most groups are between six and 12 people, this being the group sizes that Drive Safe Australia (WA) finds most effective. The participant/trainer/vehicle ratio is 3-1. Group sizes may vary for 4WD training, with a maximum participant / trainer ratio of 4:1 for the one day and 3:1 for the two day courses. Keeping group sizes low affords participants more personal attention and allows us to better address the individual's needs.

Why is your Four-Wheel-Drive Training Facility not based in the city?
For this training to reflect what participants will experience in the work place, a range of suitable terrain is vital. Our Facility has a purpose-developed gravel area so that speed awareness sessions can be conducted safely and a vast network of unsealed roads on our doorstep allowing us to conduct accurate assessments that are more likely to reflect the real hazards drivers will face when working on site.
Additionally, within a few kilometres of the facility, we have access to an impressive variety of terrain to cater for every possible situation. This gives participants on the more advanced training courses, firsthand experience in dealing with the real world scenarios.
Having all of this close by means that valuable training time is not lost getting to and from a suitable area.

What vehicle should I use?
For CDD3 and all Four-Wheel-Drive courses, as we have a 3-1 or 4-1 participant/trainer/vehicle ratio  for the on-road component of our courses, we will supply a vehicle for that session. We do not allow participants to drive another participant’s vehicle.
A company/department can supply their own vehicle, however a minimum of three participants is required as a trainer will be allocated to that vehicle.
If preferred, individual participants may use their own vehicle for the morning practical sessions as only they will drive that vehicle. If not, a vehicle is supplied.
For CDD1 courses, we encourage participants to use their own cars.

If I use my own vehicle on one of your Defensive Driving Courses, will the training cause any damage?
No it won’t. We have an impeccable safety record on all our courses and thanks to our experienced trainers, participants are never extended beyond their capabilities.